Creative and Crazy

Our Hobbies

All four of us enjoy playing Minecraft. Kyle excels at player vs player server action.
Board Games
new this year for us, MONOPOLY, CLUE!
we also have Magic:the gathering, RISK, Munchkin
Outdoor and Travel adventures
The kids love exploring. They have permision from our neighbour Chris and explore the acres around our house, down by the river and pond. We have been to P.E.I. as well as down to Disney
Arts and Crafts
Cameron is an expert at Rainbow Loom. Loves to draw and paint
Youtube Channel productions
We have some Minecraftery with H3xan01c and video game playing videos, The Geek and Chicken channel and travel information. Kyle has begun shooting his DARTHKYLEB Minecraft series and Cameron is working on a comedy channel
We all enjoy reading, H3xan01c loves tech manuals and hacking books. Cameron is into
a series of fairy books, Tracey loves the Kindle, Kyle has "something happened" series

Be ReadyAnalysis

Amazing opportunities to those that try

Take it appartHow does it work?

Yoda was wrong, Keep Trying!!!

Digging Into Life

Wayne Briggs

100yr old house that was abandoned 9 yrs. We can rebuild it.