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Our Animals

We currently have 3 cats; Luke, Ratsy Catsy (18yrs old) and James Bond (aka Jamie)
We have had other cats RIP: Vader and Girlcat

We learned a lot about chickens during our couple of years with them. They are a lot of work. We had to take them fresh water, collect eggs. Make sure they could cool off in the summer and warm up in the winter. Due to some very cold winter drops and the concern the kids had about droppings of other types across the lawn we chose to board it up for now. My father and I had a cull and cleaned them all up that fall for the freezer.
Jen still has her motly crew of chickens. Different types and sizes. She just had a suprise 9 chicks pop up while away on the weekend. She had me come over and help make them a secure roaming area for the young ones as one chick was lost to a weasel. Check out the video of the new additions on youtube.

The cats bring us gifts all the time, many types of mice, frogs, snakes, birds and the occassional rabbit and even a crayfish one evening.

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