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OMG so long since an update: apologies

the Gaming Show in my Parents Garage is now the past. The server had over 18000 visitors and I learned a lot. I have a H3xan01c minecraft server with some of the original players still playing. I don't get on it much but the local kids get some enjoyment out of it as well.
I have started walking with my good friend Jody. Then out came Pokemon Go and I walk even more now. What a great game and the concept and execution is sure to spread to many other games. Marketing will be fantastic. I'm sure many venues will want to sign up as Pokestops. Lets get some fan art going, the rush is on.

Happy Halloween

Okay its been a while since an update here. Mostly due to the run for Trustee and updating that info. It's down now, I didn't win. I did; however, get 31% of the vote and should get my money back if they ever tell me how. :) Thanks to all 4032 of you who voted for me. Maybe next time? who knows I might run again but I did some math and Kyle will be in High School by then. Wow time is flying. What I do need to do is concentrate on the Minecraft server I am setting up and over seeing for Banger Films new project "Gaming Show (in my parents garage) It was picked up by Disney XD Canada. Three kids playing and learning about video games check it out.

The Pullets are roosting

The Pullets are roosting. The two young roosters are also up on the roost. Not yet on the top roost but up there is a good start. One is even crowing in the morning, but more due to me having to wake them up and open the doors before the sun is up.

With Sad Regrets: Loss of chickens

Last Saturday I found one of my red sexlinks dead in the coop. Necropsy showed that it may have been a tumor or egg peritonitis. Either way the rest of the flock is fine. Then I found one of the barred rock chicks was trembling when walking. After keeping it separated from the flock in its own garage pen for a week I determined that it was not going to be relieved of the pain it was in easily. I had to put it down. During that necropsy I determined it was not a hen but actually a rooster. 7 weeks old. Neither death was productive, yet I am glad it did not pass on to others. With this loss and my exchange of 2 hens for 2 roosters egg production has dropped dramatically. It has increases since the roosters are getting positioned into the flock.

Happy Birthday Cameron

Today is Camerons birthday. Happy Happy Birthday. Lover of cats and all animals. have a great day. <

Sailesh Pandey

Congratulations to my friend and collegue for beginning the long process of becoming a Canadian citizen.

Hawaii Four 0 :

Check out my friend Jason's inspirational video series. He is all about Hawaii. But who wouldn't be with another 30 below winter coming.
HawaiiFour0 YouTube channel

On the Move catering

Thanks again has to go out to On the Move catering, SNC-Lavalin Inc cafeteria staff for providing leftover bread and salad scraps for my flock of chickens. It's great to save this from the landfill and the birds love it.

Wayne Briggs for SCDSB Trustee

The years ahead are going to be about providing safe environments for our students to learn, explore and mature. I’ve worked with many of the teachers and staff of Bradford schools during my time with the SCDSB as a Certified Network Technician. From Microsoft to major engineering firm; security, both physical and online, has been my focus for the last 8 years of my professional career. We try to raise our children with the skills required to succeed. I think all children should gather information and training in a safe environment, ready for the world they will face. Common sense for solid policies and a firm understanding of what our limited dollars are gaining for our children is a must. Common sense I can provide.

The kids and I start the Chicken themed chess set

We started to develop a Kickstarter project, Chicken Chess - chicken themed chess set pieces. This will develop craft skills in mold making as well as process development for Kickstarter projects.

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Wayne Briggs

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Bradford West Gwillimbury Election: Monday October 27, 2014

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