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Amazing opportunities go to those that try

Take it apartHow does it work?

Yoda was wrong, Keep Trying!!!

Help a Minecraft World grow


Lots of chickens, pigs horses and endermen - oh and lots of fun people playing

DarthKyleB : Faction DungeonDestroyer

H3xan01c - Minecraftery

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Our Mission

I want to have fun. I think of myself as the fun dad. All 4 of us like to play games, board games, video games, outside. We keep a balanced approach. I hope to instill my kids with the required skills to thrive in this world. Be prepared for anything. Have building and construction skills as well as people skills. Learn to make the most of life and have fun doing it. Arts, programming, survival situational awareness all play a part. We also love to share what we do, success and fails. You learn more from failure than success.

We will thrive. Survive the night :)
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