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Minecraft Master Builder

Having introduced the entire family into playing Minecraft this young warrior monk really excels at player vs player server action. And is a master builder with aspirations of becoming an architect.

After his successful one night show "Nanotech and the worlds tiniest toilet": Kyle returns as DARTH KYLE B - Leader: Dungeon Destroyer - A faction dedicated to feeding the world from its high quality farm goods and goodwill. He looks for interesting color in the blocks he chooses for construction with a nack for finding small accents to make a building "pop" with character. No small rooms for him, 8 block high ceilings and roaring fireplaces. Security is always a concern on a public server. His building on the Garage world of "Gaming Show (in my parents garage)" sports walls and an onion approach to security with doors between different areas in order to slow down attackers. His buildings and friendly demeanor has attracted many new friends to join his faction. It has been growing at a nice sustainable and controlled rate. Not without its issues, rampant block breaking by faction members is dealt with by a quick demotion and expulsion until the details are presented and compensation returned for the damage.
Meet DarthKyleB as an enemy and beware, be well met as a friend and ally and be assured victory.
cheers to all.

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